Date: August 21, 2012 Category: ,

Challenged to imagine and plan a “hack” of the Zoellner Art Center at Lehigh University, this concept is the design proposal for the exterior façade of the building. The challenge was defined by limitations; a $3,000 budget plan, and an unlimited budget plan. The proposal could only be submitted for consideration under the circumstances that the student could personally execute the plan.

My design is inspired by the Bethlehem Steel heritage, incorporating recycled foundry wheels into the façade. The design combines found objects with custom-cut sheet metal silhouettes to capture the essence of the building. It pays tribute to the city where Lehigh is located, and the purpose of the building, devoted to the performing arts. The unlimited budget plan included an exposed glass and I-beam structural entrance. (The Bethlehem I-beam was invented by Bethlehem Steel.) The foundry wheels would also function as rotational gears, set into motion between class travel times.

Created using Illustrator and Photoshop